About Us

Nature Homes was created in 2013, with a vision to create turnkey wooden structures that are capable of meeting the modern dwelling requirements. We are the Wooden Houses Manufacturer and Supplier in Delhi, India primarily engaged in building residential houses, resorts, and farmhouses. To have clarity in the big picture, we put effort right from the sketch board, prototype design to realizing the turnkey structure of the buildings. This gives us the apt result in having Eco Friendly structures. Our robust framing and practical designing of the building layouts are the outcomes of the experience, we gathered from the Prefabricated works of wooden frame and log houses. Amongst our all the dwelling patterns, cottage types are most revered upon.

Throughout the process, we maintain using Eco Friendly products for the sustainability of the forest resources in India and its surrounding places. We have honed our skills in the meadows of both the interior and exterior wood works of the building and other structures, placing our brand as the pioneer Manufacturer. Our exquisite work of art can be found in the works like Wooden Roof Cladding, wooden flooring, Terraces decking, Wooden Wall Cladding, Pool Decking, Domestic, and Wallpaper work acquired from our enlisted Importer. Using these reliefs, the company creates the overall structure in the form of, Farmhouses, Garages, Garden houses, Wooden Houses, Gazebo's, Dog Huts, Pergolas, and many other wooden marvels, Manufacturer to support the modern needs of dwellings, and commercial spaces.

In the clock of time, as the company evolved in its engineering in the wooden architecture, the brand outgrown in further two ventures, which particularly concentrated in their forte to develop their area of expertise. Although we started our manufacturing venture in Delhi, in the year 2009, but in our timeline of production enhancement, we have travelled a long way to enhance our brand visibility as a multifaceted Supplier. Nature Homes is well known company for its architectural abilities in building commercial and residential structures, and the latter is famous for its Hotels, Resorts, cottage etc. all the brands of Nature Homes maintain the standardization through availing superior quality products from the selected Importer.

Our Team

Mr.Saurabh Sood
(HEAD - Marketing and Sales)
A graduate from Delhi University. Trained for Quality Management and Execution. Is focused with diverse skills in quality analysis, operations management, Marketing & sales. Consistent in operational delivery and high commitment.