A health life from generation to generation

The Nature Wood Homes company's log building material is the fine-grained spruce from cold north Europe. Wood construction give us clean air and healthy living environment for indoor area, such heavy timber structure of the building materials can balance the indoor temperature and humidity, Keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter, it is also a fire-retardant building material.
There are thousands of years to use the wood construction in northern Europe. For example, in Finland, the oldest log building can be traced back several hundred years ago, which fully proved the durability of the wood and its rich cultural connotations. The proper protection of timber in use, the building will be passed on from generation to generation, and even the timber wall can be reused many times.
Upon completion of the architectural, cutting logs is in the factory. It is usually processed in accordance with the architectural drawings, the cutting accuracy to the millimeter, ensure that all types of building components is accurate and complete.
We fully understand that the natural property of wood is a great challenge in the log buildings. The Nature Wood Homes Company is experienced and professional to provide wood building products company.