Log House Culture

Culture of Western Wooden Structure
The followings should be considered in the wooden buildings:

Durability - The log building has a seismic performance The structure of timber wall is stable and it has good strength properties, based on this characteristics, each block of the timber wall has a good compressive strength and resistance to complete the construction settlement. The wooden construction can also fight against the earthquake.
The effect on wood telescopic in the structure
As time goes by each block will be a few millimeters range contraction, resulting that the whole building will be sink in a few centimeters. We give full consideration to the natural sedimentation characteristics of the wood frame construction. For example, at the junction between wall and roof, it can be use tongue side panels to retain the appropriate gap, So that the wall is natural and orderly settlement.
Stretching and deformation of the timber is not prevented, by using the different cut lumber as well as drying technology in wood production .It can reduce the timber later changes. In addition, two or more pieces of wood lath lamination can also reduce timber deformation. Such as glue heavy lumber deformation to be significantly less, it will also increase the wall strength.

Energy-saving efficiency of tightness
The log walls are breathing wall. The timber walls can breathe, so it does not affect the wall sealing, it could also balance the indoor air humidity and temperature. Full and correct between the layers of logs, corners and interface sealing materials can ensure the tightness of the wall. Moisture and thermal insulation properties
The timber wall can balance the ambient humidity changes, and these hygroscopic properties will not affect the tightness of the wall itself. In other words, because the wood through drying process, a small range of moisture and water will not be have any impact on building strength. We suggested that the surface treatment should be used outside the building surface, so it can form layer of breathable protective on the surface. The timber wall insulation effect depends on wall thickness: the thicker wall the better insulation .If you would like to improve the effect of wall insulation, further reducing energy consumption, you can use insulation materials in the internal or external wall.