Why Wood ?

Wood is alive. A wooden house is warm, durable, and is has character. Wood is a natural material and a wooden house is eco-friendly, green and has a low carbon footprint. A wooden house is comfortable.

In large areas of Europe wood is the main building material. Near the Baltic Sea and in Central Europe wood is also used in the construction of churches, factory housing and big hotels. Wood is strong, durable, Flexible and fire proof. Wood can be used in any application.

Some people think that wood requires a lot of maintenance, but they are wrong. Modern preservation techniques result in a house that requires minimal maintenance, and certainly no more maintenance than a concrete or brick house.

Wood has been an important building material for ages, actually one of the main building materials of all times. Classical construction techniques, improved with modern engineering results in natural beauty that merges with durability and high insulation values.

Everywhere in India the popularity of wooden houses is on the rise. Energy efficiency, a healthy living environment, a short construction time and affordable prices are important factors.